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We are experts in the aeronautics, nautics and the automobile fields. Our task is to look into the future to determine which aspects we must concentrate on today to meet tomorrow's needs and thus, guarantee the success of your innovative and ambitious projects. In these three fields, each new project puts the life-span of the business at stake and it is therefore essential not to go off course. To this end, we offer our competence in evaluation and project development to individuals, businesses and their research departments.

From preliminary drawings to mass-produced models, with a scale one prototype in between, we make safety and performance our number one priority. We remain, above all, in touch with the economic and technological realities which, becoming more and more complex, render it difficult to make opportune choices in project development.

To overcome these difficulties, we undertake comparative research which takes performance, cost of use, configuration type, and technology used into account when defining the criteria for objective qualities. This reflection enables us to quickly pinpoint the value of a choice or a new design. Our work method and the confidentiality which surrounds it leaves no room for chance or subjectivity: everything is analysed using objective devices to justify the choices made.

It is essential to keep up with the acceleration in technological innovations and their application, to stay ahead of competitors. The knowledge we have today and the technology available enables those who have chosen to lead this acceleration to combine the artistic and the functional in a coherent fashion in innovative and even revolutionary, designs.

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